Terrain Textures Overhaul V1.0

Terrain Textures Overhaul

Replaces a lot of terrain textures to higher fidelity ones.

This mod currently covers only main story areas. Anything from Blackwater to south is vanilla. Also Guarma is unchanged.
This is not a FULL terrain textures replacement. There are still vanilla textures around, but this should cover fairly decent amount.
Some areas have seen more work than others. See screenshots of some examples.
Additionally Saint Denis has seen some work on pavements.

Textures are completely remade, not upscales.
Albedo and Normal maps are 2k.
AO, Roughness and Heightmaps are 1k. (some from main archive are 2k)
Vanilla is 1k/512.

I recommend 8GB VRAM GPU and 16GB RAM for optimal experience, at least on 2 to 4k resolution, but it should work on less too.

Requires: Lenny’s Mod Loader.

Extract lml folder to your main RDR2 directory.

USE VULKAN, this doesn’t work on dx12.

This is a large project, and I had to change a lot of textures in waaaay too many archives, so there might be issues that I haven’t seen.
Please let me know if you find anything weird.



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