Upscaled Vegetation V2.0

Upscaled Vegetation V2.0

Upscales Vegetation Textures 2-8x

I don’t think tree BARK has been upscaled, but most if not all leaves, bushes, weeds, etc. have been upscaled.

I have a weaker PC and with this new file replacement install.xml I’m testing out I don’t have any issues with crashes, though it is still possible.
Please check out the Upscaled Items Hub for general information on this ^

There is some weird artifacting near edges of transparent textures, idk why my upscaler messes this up but i have to fix it, it shouldn’t be visible unless you’re really looking closely

Drop the lml folder into your game root folder
If you have Lenny’s mod manager I’d recommend launching it and turning on “Overwrite” for the mod, load order shouldn’t matter then.

There shouldn’t be any conflicts, maybe one with some other higher res mods, that is why you should enable Overwrite for my mod, all textures here are at least 2x bigger than any other mod on nexus

I mainly upscaled aldebo textures, some normals have been upscaled too.



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File File size
7z Upscaled Vegetation-1-0 3 GB
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