Red Harlow With Unique Metaped.ymt V1.0

Red Harlow With Unique Metaped.ymt V1.0

This mod makes Red Harlow have his own metaped.ymt file so that way it doesn’t clash with other mods using a metaped.ymt
The original Red Harlow mod that this model was taken from is by KristianD3 and Skirish and you can find it here Red Harlow

To make him work you type “player_two” into the custom search when switching your model
if he’s T-Posing then what you have to do is pick a walk cycle and then hit reset in the walk cycles and that should fix him

Jack Marston – 1914 – I used this mod for reference and it might also be needed? but I’m not sure
Online Content Unlocker – You may need this or Red Dead Offline I’m not sure
Rampage Trainer



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