SouthWest ReShade V1.1

SouthWest ReShade V1.1

Beautiful awe inspired ReShade with low FPS hit, and still has plenty of moments for photography.
No DOF Included as I actually play the game too and hate DOF.
Hand Crafted to my liking with ReShade filters (Because only a couple filters were used, better performance).

First grab the latest ReShade found @ Home (
I used version 5.4.2 but any newer to come releases will definitely work.
When prompted by ReShade I installed DX10/11/12 option, but Vulkan works TOO!
When prompted by ReShade I Installed all filters.

(You can find DX12 or Vulkan in settings-Graphics on RDR2 Main menu or In-game click where it says locked and unlock to change…Simple)

I also Changed keymap for ReShade menu to Page up from home as the key bind, so no one has to worry about
Rockstar Social menu opening at the same time along with ReShade Menu (Caused Memory overloads and Crashes).
So, to enter the ReShade menu simply press the Page Up Key.

To add my file simply drag and drop .ini into game directory where the game .exe is located.



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