100 percent Perfect save game

100 percent Perfect save game

Version: Final

100% Perfect save, 100% compendium- all unique and rare weapons- all rare outfits.

Last and final Update 11/01/20 – All found and stolen NPC hats have been collected.

**The only missing hat is the sun hat. If someone can get me the correct ped code for the Guarma soldiers then i will be able to add this.
There is unfortunately 1200 + ped codes and narrowing it down is difficult **

All Craft-able Outfits/hats/trinkets/saddles have been crafted.

All Unique masks and find-able hats found from world.

100% compendium.

Max health,stamina and dead eye.

All unique and rare weapons unlocked including..

– Rare shotgun
– Rare Rolling block
– Gunslinger mission revolvers
– Double Action revolver
– High roller Revolver
– Stone hatchet
– Algernon’s Revolver

All unique and rare outfits including..

– Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger outfit
– Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit
– Legend of the East


1 Rose Grey Black Arabian (Max health, stamina and bond)
1 Black Arabian
1 White Arabian
1 Gold Cremello Dutch Warmblood (called Buell)


Chris Mckechnie

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