New beginning of Chapter 3 File With Unobtainable Outfits

New beginning of Chapter 3 File With Unobtainable Outfits

Charachter: Arthur Morgan
Camp Location: Clemens Point
Custom Outfits: The Whittemore suit, The Gilded Cage suit, John’s Elegant Suit and Saint Denis Cop
Weapons: (See screenshot provided in the file)
Main Horse: Dutch Warmblood
Main Horse Coat: Chocolate Roan
Stable Horse’s: Black Arabian, Black Shire Horse and Grizzlies Horse.
Horse Coat’s: Black, Black, Mahogany Bay.
Main Horse Name: Shelby
Cash: 15K
Activity’s: Cutscene and Flaco, Granger and Billy Midnight of The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman.

– Go to C:\Users\WellerManLOL\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles\C8C3D8D7 (Your C8C3D8D7 may look different)
– Than drag and drop BOTH files in this document in there, if there is a notification that says This file does allready exist just simpely click replace.
– Enjoy!



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