Cinematic Ambient Music Overhaul V1.0

Cinematic Ambient Music Overhaul V1.0

A cinematic music replacer overhaul of all biomes, cities, space, doungeons, tech labs, etc.
51 tracks.

When I first played Starfield, I was amazed by how much this game pays a tribute and it’s heavily inspired by previos mainstream cult sci-fi media all the way to the 80’s. I could recognize all those worlds I had seen before, but now condensed in a videogame. This mod was created to enhace that experience and to evoke some memories into your journeys trough space, it delivers a deja-vu feeling and goosebumps, making the hole game a bit deeper and more meaningful.

Every biome, location, situation, has its own score, they are all very subtle but very accurate. Its never over the top.

So pop those popcorns and enjoy the ride.

If you do enjoy, come back to Endorse, so more people knows this.

As usual.. use your favorite mod manager.
I use my music settings to 50 % so it should be calibrated to that.


Sounds high quality.
I will NOT be posting ANY video or audio reference to you, as it is my goal that you are surprised and hit by the score when exploring space. It is just an audio mod so its safe to install, test, discover how much you love it.

This will not change so DONT ask for it or COMMENT.



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