Starfield Radio Shows V1.11

Starfield Radio Shows V1.11

Adds 4 radio shows to the Starfield Galactic Radio mod – J-pop Paradiso, Beats & Bytes, Cosmic Concertos, and Echoes of Aloha

Requirement – Starfield Galactic Radio mod

Before adding, you can listen to –

AI voiced hosts(voices can be janky at times, you can call it galactic interference). I have put some bare-bones Starfield ads (Tranquilitea, Chandra, the Paradiso Group, Can-uck) for immersion

1) J-pop Paradiso featuring music of Tatsuro Yamashita (with a special Christmas song) hosted by Ishikawa Kenshima
2) Cosmic concertos (these should match the game vibe) hosted by Solaris Paige
a) Edvard Grieg – Morning mood
b) Gabriel Faure – Pavane
c) Aria de Michaela
d) Claire de Lune
e) Ave Maria
f) Gustav Holtz – Jupiter
3) Beats & Bytes featuring music of Kraftwerk hosted by Lara Williams
a) Computerliebe
b) Heimcomputer
c) Der Telefon Anruf
d) Boing Boom Tschak
e) Metall auf Metall
f) Abzug
g) The model
4) Echoes of Aloha (old Hawaiian music) hosted by Brody Kalani – featuring old recordings. I remastered them to remove noise while saving fidelity as much as I could. These might not fit Starfield’s theme so listen before downloading.

Installation – Paste the .toml file where the original StarfieldGalacticRadio.toml file is. It will not replace the original radio stations, just add this new one.

Or, just paste this line with the rest of the radio stations in the original .toml file –

“Galactic Radio – J-pop & Cosmic Concertos|”,
“Galactic Radio – Beats & Bytes|”,
“Galactic Radio – Echoes of Aloha|”,

I will separate the first two shows later


Starfield Galactic Radio – Reupload for game update Required to add url



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