Avatar Lore Friendly Na’VI Face Texture Nose Edit V1.0

Avatar Lore Friendly Na'VI Face Texture Nose Edit V1.0

I absolutely loved the texture work StarLoddy did with the Na’Vi textures, but felt the nose wasn’t quite right. This edits the textures to more accurately reflect the Na’Vi face by adding the pinkish-purple cat-like nose that Na’Vi have. It’s a simple edit, but one that I felt was dearly needed.
Permission to alter and release has been obtained prior to posting this mod edit.


Make sure you have set archive invalidation in your StarfieldCustom.ini or downloaded a custom ini already.

(Steam) Manual – Extract Zip and drop “Data” folder into your Starfield root folder, Overwrite if/when prompted
Vortex/MO2 – Click install mod button, install, activate as normal. Must overwrite/take priority over StarLoddy’s base mods!!!

Compatibility & Requirements

This is only an edit to StarLoddy’s Na’Vi face textures, and IS COMPATIBLE with ALL of the SFW and NSFW versions of StarLoddy’s Na’Vi mods.

At least one version of StarLoddy’s original Na’Vi texture mods is required!!!
SFW Version
NSFW Versions



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File File size
zip Lore Friendly NaVI Face Texture Nose Edit-1-0 113 MB
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