Enhanced Hairstyle – Extended Hair 17 (Bob) V1.0

Enhanced Hairstyle - Extended Hair 17 (Bob) V1.0

The lost Old Earth technology of hair extensions has now been rediscovered. This mod extends the length of the female pixie cut (Hairstyle 17, known as Bob_f in the game file).

The knowledge and technology of hair extensions were lost when humans left all the hairdressers behind to reach for the stars. Fortunately, they have now been rediscovered!

This mod extends the length of the female pixie cut (Hair 17) to a neck-length bob. It has physics* and is fully compatible with hats#. Replaces the original Hair 17. See the “Changing Hair Slot” section below for details if this is undesirable. It does not seem to affect NPCs with this haircut (I only checked on Saoirse Bowden, the Cydonia Trade Authority lady, and Reisha Lance of Laredo Firearms).

*The physics is comparably subtle because the vanilla hair is so short.
#There are vanilla artefacts when wearing the baseball cap, most noticeable at the back of the head, slightly behind the left ear, and on the right side, especially with dark hair.

Unless you want to change the hair slot, download via a mod manager (recommended). Alternatively, manually extract the files to your Data folder (in Documents\My Games\Starfield), or if you have Baka Disable My Games Folder, to your game Data folder (../Steam/steamapps/common/Starfield/Data).

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

The file structure of this mod is configured to facilitate the change of hair slots if required.
Not all hair slots are suitable; the suitable slots must have:
(1) Only two nif files.
(2) Scalp is fully covered with hair. (For example, Slot 40 has bald spots, and there is a ?material map on the model that I cannot remove, resulting in uneven textures, especially with light-coloured hair).

The suitable slots I have tested so far are Slot 4 (faded_afro) and Slot 14 (oldguy_business).

(1) Create a new folder somewhere (Documents or Desktop).
(2) Download my mod manually.
(3) Extract the files to the folder that you created.
(4) You must find and rename three folders and two nif files. Inside the “meshes” folder, look for anything with “bob”, and change them to match the file name of the slot you want (if you want to use Slots 14, change “bob” to “oldguy_business”). Double-check your spellings and preserve the suffixes “_f” and “_f_facebones”. You should end up with a file path like this (altered folders/files in bold):

Data > meshes > actors > human > mesh > hairs > oldguy_business
(which contains two nif files: oldguy_business_f.nif and oldguy_business_f_facebones.nif)

Data > meshes > morphs > human > female > chargen > oldguy_business_f > morph.dat

Data > meshes > morphs > human > female > performance > oldguy_business_f > morph.dat

I highly recommend using your mode manager to do the following steps. These steps are for Vortex; I’m unfamiliar with MO2, but there should be similar methods. (You can install the mod manually, but tracking the folders is difficult if you need to troubleshoot or remove them; you can disable or remove the mods with Vortex with two clicks.)

(5) Zip up the altered mod’s Data folder (right-click on the Data folder > Send to > compressed (zipped) folder). Rename the zipped folder to something sensible so it’s easier to keep track.

(6) Drag the zipped folder into Vortex (the Drop File(s) box at the bottom of your screen when you are in the Mods Tab). Enable the mod.

(7) Try out your new hairstyle!



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