Extended Facial Sculpting V0.4

Extended Facial Sculpting V0.35

Amount of new sliders for wider customisation of your character.

This mod is succesor of essential Extended Facial Sculpting by Septfox for Fallout 4.

-Few dozens of brand new sliders for wider character customization.

Amount of sliders significally lesser than F4 legacy mod, because of few reasons:

-I always had a feeling that a lot of sliders were never useful and was made just in case. So I decided to minimise morphs list cluttering and added only most useful morphs/morphs that I needed myself.
-Starfield facebones map use much less amount of bones. There’s simply no bones for many things (like lip corners, etc.), so no way to add those morphs until new skeleton boned will be created and someone will weights meshes to them.

I will likely add new sliders with updates, as I get more ideas about what to add.


-With mod manager or manually.

Known issues

-Eyeballs do not scale/rotate along with eyes sliders, so extreme values may look wierd.
-Some sliders may look not so good with more extreme values.
-Morphs were tested and adjusted on male characters, following male facebones weighting, so may sometimes behave wierd on females (or not).



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