FA – STARQUEEN – Enhanced Vanilla Female Skin Vb.5.2

FA - STARQUEEN - Enhanced Vanilla Female Skin V4.0

This is an NSFW body/skin texture replacer for the Starfield vanilla body, hand painted original enhancements, all new for Starfield, based on refined textures from my ‘Radiation Queen’ (FO4), ‘Dibellan’ (SSE), and ‘CyberPink’ (CP77) skins.

VERSION 4.Final is out.. my work here is done. 4 textures are the same as 3.0, but the FOMOD is now MO2 and Vortex compatible thanks to user @Nevember

Reports are that these textures are compatible and work well with both the ‘CRT – Body Mesh’ and ‘Thicc Naked’ bodies.

These are designed for the Vanilla Female Body, the vanilla body Mesh/Model has issues and is not intended to be undressed, not even in the bathing suit.
High Quality skin textures that stick almost exactly to the Vanilla skin tones to limit conflicts. Minimal fake shadowing and shading to account for various body shapes and sizes, should be compatible with any body mesh mods like ‘VBB’ or ‘THICC’.
This is my first attempt at Body Textures for Starfield, basically just practicing, getting familiar with the new Bethesda texture format while we wait for Body Replacer Mods.

Hand Painted enhanced vanilla skin, based on refined textures from my ‘Radiation Queen’ (FO4), ‘Dibellan’ (SSE), and ‘CyberPink’ (CP77) skins.
New Diffuse Map skins 0-8, New Normal Map, New Ambient Occlusion Map, New Rough/Specular Map. I did not touch hands or faces, just matched Vanilla skin tones and blends exactly. (there are still vanilla mesh issues, and certain NPC face tints that mess with seams.. nothing I can do about that.)
Yes… you can now have a shaved version
The files are in 4K resolution, I made them for my own game and shared them with you, I won’t be spending anymore time generating other file sizes.
Version 4 is the final version and adds an MO2 and Vortex compatible FOMOD with pubic style options.

Use MO2
Use Vortex
Manual – Figure it out… they are just textures!


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