Andreja default clothing recolor V1.0

Andreja default clothing recolor V1.0

The vision of the Beth artist, presumably directed by lead devs to support the kind of personality they were developing for the character, appears to be something like substantial complexity barely manifest through a dour purple. I just changed the colors to highlight the BGS artist’s very fine work in what I think is a more feminine way. Enjoy if you will, or not as you please.

Files should be in Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data/Textures/clothes/outfit_civilian_formalhalfdress_01. Just extract the rar into Documents/My Games.

Please note that there can be minor clipping through dress on left thigh. This is a vanilla issue that is not readily apparent when both bodysuit and halfdress are the same color. recolor of outfit_civilian_formalhalfdress_01
4 versions
white bodysuit, pink halfdress
white bodysuit, black halfdress
pink bodysuit, black halfdress
black bodysuit, white halfdress



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