Baka Starborn Armor Refit V1.0

Baka Starborn Armor Refit V1.0

This mod adds skins to the Spacesuit Workbench that can change the appearance of the Starborn Spacesuit (NG+ armor) to any previous version of the NG+ armor. The skins don’t change the stats of the spacesuits at all, just their visuals. They also don’t cost any resources to apply.

This mod works on saves in progress, including NG+ saves, but your spacesuit will be missing its model until you visit a workbench to apply a skin. Spacesuits acquired from entering the Unity after installing this mod won’t have this caveat.

It’s an esm file created with the latest version of xEdit, and requires SFSE and Plugins.txt Enabler to use properly.

Mods that edit the playable Starborn Spacesuit armor records aren’t going to be compatible without a patch.



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