Belt and Holster Standalone AND MORE V2.4

Belt and Holster Standalone V1.2

Keep your pants from falling and that shooter strapped on!

This a standalone edit of Sam Coe’s pants so that just the belt and holster are now an individual item that can be worn on any non-spacesuit outfit. It does have some clipping on certain outfits shown in the pictures.

Keep in mind this is my first standalone clothing mod for Starfield and first successful Blender creation so it is a little rough around the edges. This was made for personal use and intended for males currently. It does have female morphs but clipping is very apparent on female characters. It uses Sam’s lowerbody textures so if you use a texture mod that changes the belt color it will change this too. I’m using one that changes the belt from gold to silver.

Make sure to add *beltstandalone.esm to your plugins.txt file. Currently is console spawn only and you can look it up by typing “help belt 4 armo”.

This is an ongoing assortment of modular standalone accessories that can be worn with non-spacesuit outfits. The items use separate item slots and can be used together. They should work with all vanilla outfits and several new clothing items are included that work exceptionally well with these modular items. A more tacticool mod doesn’t exist for Starfield!

Acquiring the items

1. Craft via workbench (spacesuit design rank 1 required).
2. Purchase via Outland in New Atlantis.
3. Add via console. To look up item codes type “help standalone 4 armo” for the modular items and “help tucked 4 armo” for the clothing.

Make sure to add *beltstandalone.esm to your plugins.txt file.



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