Black Upscale Uniform V1.0

Black Upscale Uniform V1.0

The outfit is standalone and can be bought at EIT Clothiers in New Atlantis. You might have to wait 48 hours for it to show up, when the vendor’s inventory refreshes. It is a recolour of a blue unobtainable in-game outfit. That blue vanilla one you can add through the console if you want, by writing “help employee_uniform_formal” and looking for the itemID. Followed by entering “player.additem %itemID%”

Adds 5% Persuasion chance.
Suitable for both male and female characters. (I’m gonna try and make a more feminine version once the modding tools come out)
I added an optional complementary golden neuroamp recolour.

Installation Instructions:

Download and activate the mod using your preferred mod manager.
Download manually and extract the contents to Documents\my games\Starfield\Data
Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini (located in Documents\my games\Starfield) has the following lines added:



Normally it should be compatible with other mods that add standalone clothing to vendors.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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