Bossk and the Trandoshan Mercs V1.0

Bossk and the Trandoshan Mercs V1.0

Play as one of the fiercest bounty hunters in Star Wars, BOSSK! and transform the Ecliptic Mercs Into Trandoshan Mercs!

This mod adds a new craftable spacesuit to the industrial workbench so that you can roleplay as Bossk, the Trandoshan Bounty hunter from Star Wars. This mod also transforms all Ecliptic members into Trandoshans. I Always felt the Ecliptic Mercenaries Raspy voices and snarling made them perfect candidates to transform into the reptilian species and that’s exactly what this mod does. If however you only want the Bossk suit and Not the ecliptic overhaul there is an optional Download for just the craftable suit.

If you want to properly play as a Trandoshan and not just wear a lizard mask then check out Star Wars Aliens

Known Issues
NPC inventories don’t update mid playthrough. If you see a NPC with missing head, limbs, or clothes, open the console (click ~) then select the NPC and type resetinventory

I do not recommend strip corpses mods if you value your immersion as the Trandoshan faces are applied to NPCs via Masks


Extract the archive into your “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder or use a mod manager such as Vortex or MO2.
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


You will need Plugins.txt Enabler to load the ESMs, follow this mod’s description on how to install it.

Don’t use sTestFile in the starfieldcustom.ini as this will break using Plugins.txt.



Download mod

File File size
zip Trandoshan Mercs-1-0 48 MB
zip Bossk Spacesuit-1-0 48 MB
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