Constellation Field Uniform and Jacket V1.0

Constellation Field Uniform and Jacket V1.0

Replaces the Miner Jacketed Jumpsuit and Nova Galactic Cap with a Constellation field uniform.

This mod replaces the Miner Jacketed Jumpsuit and Nova Galactic Cap with a new Constellation field uniform.

You’ll never forget the day Constellation brought you into their lofty embrace, starting you off on the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you wear this durable, rugged field jacket with built-in identification sleeve so that when your corpse is discovered a century from now on an unsettled alien world, your surviving relatives can gain lasting peace.

Replaces the generic Miner Jacketed Jumpsuit with a white/black astronaut-style field uniform for Constellation members featuring a durable personal ID and Constellation patch. Constellation doesn’t appear to have a known slogan, but during marketing the game’s slogan was “For all, into the starfield” — the patch features a close Latin translation: Omnes Ad Astra or “For all, to the stars”

You can add both items with the console commands:
Uniform: additem 0001D1D9
Hat: additem 00185A6B

Known issues:
The bottom half of the sleeves on the Argos Jacketed Jumpsuit are also recolored, as are the pants and shoes. This will be visible on NPCs wearing it. This is unavoidable as the mod is a simple texture replacement. I don’t know how to make a standalone outfit mod and don’t really have the time or inclination to figure it out right now — if someone would like to partner up in order to release an update as a standalone outfit, please DM me here or on Discord.

Install using a mod manager like MO2.



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zip Constellation Field Uniform-1-0 25 MB
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