Cowgirl – Standalone with VBB Option

Cowgirl - VBB Option V1.2


This mod adds the Cowgirl Outfit

– Morphs for Base Mesh
– Doesn’t replace any existing outfit or textures
– VBB Options

=== Installation ===
1. Add lines below to your StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\my games\Starfield:


2. Install: Plugins.txt Enabler

3. Add *Cowgirl.esm to your plugins.txt

4. Install this mod with the FOMOD Installer or place the files manually in the correct folders
(recommended: Baka Disable My Games Folder)

=== Get Item ===

– type “help  Cowgirl” into the console
– Find the corresponding ID
– type “player.additem <ItemID> <#>

=== Limitations ===

The VBB version has seams when worn by NPCs.
That’s because VBB does not have suitable morphs and only works correctly with morphs set to zero

Please make sure your body morph is set to the right type:

Cowgirl - VBB Option V1.2



blender plugins by SesamePaste
VBB Body by Irastris

Download mod

File File size
zip Cowgirl Outfit-1-4 34 MB
zip Cowgirl Outfit-1-2 44 MB
zip Cowgirl Outfit - Space Undersuit-1-2 76 MB
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