Crimson X – Clothing Weapons Jackets Glasses Masks Belts Gloves Gear V1.0

Crimson X - Clothing Weapons Jackets Glasses Masks Belts Gloves Gear V1.0

Adds a variety of Crimson Fleet themed items to the game. (Clothing, Weapons, Jackets, Glasses, Masks, Belts, Gloves, and Gear)

This mod is a remake of the Scavenger mod. Remade from the ground up to have better mesh, textures, weights, morphs, and overall quality for both male and female characters. The weapons come with possible legendary stats, and clothing items have bonus stats. Everything is upgradeable at the spacesuit workbench.

-Outfits: 4
-SleeveTech: 4
-Headphones: 2
-Swords: 2
-Visors: 2
-Gloves: 1
-Jackets: 8
-Belts: 3
-Masks: 2
-Belt Items: 2 (Bag, Canister)

You can buy from Taryn Kallis on the Key (Only a few Items show up at random every 48 hours)
You can loot off the dead bodies of Crimson Fleet NPCs.
You can craft at the industrial workbench.
You can also use the console commands by pressing ~ and typing Help CrimsonX to get the ID number.
Then type in player.additem NumberHere 1

How to install
Install like any other mod with Mod Manager Download
Place the Data folder into the folder where Starfield.exe is located.

Install Plugins.txt Enabler and then paste *CrimsonX_Z.esm in the Plugin.txt

Edit your StarfieldCustom.ini located in Documents\My Games\Starfield
If you don’t have a StarfieldCustom.ini create one by making a StarfieldCustom.txt and renaming it to StarfieldCustom.ini
It should look like this below.



Download mod

File File size
rar CrimsonX-1-0 316 MB
rar CrimsonX (VBB)-1-0 316 MB
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