Enhanced Outfits – UC Military Uniform Skirts (Standalone) V2.2

Enhanced Outfits - UC Military Uniform Skirts (Standalone) V2.0

According to the lore (citation needed), due to the popularity of the minidresses, all the UC military branches have decided to incorporate miniskirts into their standard uniforms.

This mod adds slightly NSFW versions of the so-called “UC Navy Officer Uniforms” of the vanilla game, although the Marines and UC Army also use the same uniform. They are all very tactical and functional. These include (1) UC Navy Officer Uniform, (2) Vanguard Officer Uniform, and (3) SysDef Formal Uniform.

Each variant is available in two body types (six outfits in the mod). The default version is comparable to the other “Enhanced” version of my outfit series, whereas the “Enhanced Plus” is Enhanced Plus. The outfits are for females only (sorry, Zapp Brannigan, Commander Ikande, Lieutenant Tuala, etc). These outfits’ meshes are standalone and don’t affect NPCs. However, the outfits use vanilla colours, so any retexture mods will also affect this mod.

The outfits have a +5% intimidation chance bonus effect (the Settled System is not ready for those legs) but can be changed with mods like Any Mod on Clothes – Now Including All Armor. The protection stats are the same as the vanilla equivalents. The weight is only 0.1 (due to the less material used from the cost-cutting measure), so you can carry all of them and change them whenever you want.

Version 2.0 now incorporates knee-high-heeled boots.

How to get the outfit:

– Craft it at the industrial workbench with a hefty cost of one fibre.

– Or, get the outfit by using the console command. It’s easier to give yourself a bunch of fibres (player.additem 55AF 6) and craft all of them from the workbench. If you insist, you can search the IDs by typing:

help zy4

Download the main file via a mod manager.

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

Ensure that your Plugin.txt Enabler is set up correctly, and add the following to your plugin.txt.:

*ZY4 UC Navy Officer Skirts.esm



Download mod

File File size
zip ZY4 Navy Officer Skirts V2_2 3 MB
zip ZY4 Navy Officer Skirts V2 3 MB
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