Form-fitting Dresses V2.1

Form-fitting Dresses V1.01

All the tailors were left behind when humanity reached for the stars. This mod brings back the styles and elegance from the Old Earth. Introducing form-fitting dresses!

Re-meshed the dress to make it more form-fitting. The meshes are used by the following outfits:
– Cream and Blue Dress. Item ID 001f1dce
– Navy Tan Dress. Item ID 001f1dc9
– Mei Devine’s Outfit. Item ID 002262d1

The top two can be bought from the shops or obtained via console command.
Mei Devine’s Outfit can only be obtained using the console command.
This mod affects the female player character, female companions, and female NPCs who spawn with these outfits.

Available in 3 versions. DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE!

(1) Vanilla Body – Adjusted the fittings around the waist and buttocks—no changes to the body proportion.
(2) Enhanced – Some subtle adjustments to the body proportion.
(3) Enhanced Plus – It should be pretty obvious.

(1) Legging replacer
There is an optional file to replace the legging with skin, but it has a few minor issues:
– During body shape customisation, the shape of the legs doesn’t change while adjusting the slider/dial. Swap the body type to 1 and back to 2 to update the appearance.
– The skin tone doesn’t change with the slider.
– Clipping during movement is an issue in the base game. However, the light-coloured skin makes it more obvious.

Updated 4 Nov 2023. An additional optional file:
(2) White colour retexture of the Navy Tan Dress
– My go-to wedding dress.

Download via a mod manager (recommended). Alternatively, manually extract the files to your Data folder (in Documents\My Games\Starfield), or if you have Baka Disable My Games Folder, to your game Data folder (../Steam/steamapps/common/Starfield/Data).

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:



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