Hugin’s KOTOR Neo Crusader V1.0

Hugin's KOTOR Neo Crusader V1.0

This mod replaces the Ecliptics Spacesuit or the Crimsons Spacesuits with the Neo Crusader from KOTOR.

Things to know:
– Do you want your model custom model to be added, or any existing random game models to be added? Feel free to contact me for commissions!
– This mod was a commission!
– This mod contains ESM files! However, The ESM IS REQUIRED ONLY FOR THE CRIMSON, while for the Ecliptic it’s optional.
– I do not allow any modification or exportation of this model or mod unless if asked, so please, ask first!
– This mod has two versions. One replaces only the Ecliptic spacesuit, the other one replaces the crimson spacesuits.
– Models and textures fully modeled from scratch by me.
– The design was modernized little to fit the game.
– Items dropped on the ground are replaced with proper models.
– Both ESM files hides the head and hair beneath the helmet.
– This mod was not done with morph in mind, this means it will follow an athletic physique!
– Female version is not available at the moment.
– Red version for the crimson faction, Blue version for the Ecliptic faction.

How to Install:
– Download Mod Loader for starfield.
– Download SFSE (Script Extender)
– Click on Add Mod and add the zip file, then set the data dir.
– Be sure to enable plugins by downloading the Plugin Enabler


Hugin-Munin aka N7Tali

Download mod

File File size
zip Crimson Neo Crusader-1-0 128 MB
zip Ecliptic Neo Crusader Replacer-1-0 105 MB
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