Legendary Bounty Hunter – Mantis Replacer V1.1

Legendary Bounty Hunter - Mantis Replacer V1.0b

Makes the Mantis Spacesuit into something more fitting a space faring bounty hunter. Retextures the Mantis Helmet and replaces the Mantis Space Suit and Mantis Boost pack with the Bounty Hunter Space Suit and the Deepseeker Boost Pack.

Made for my own use, but I thought others might like it too.


1. Go to Documents\My Games\Starfield\ and create a file named StarfieldCustom.ini with the following contents, if you haven’t already done this for other mods:


2. Extract the contents of this mod and copy the Data folder into the following directory:

Documents\My Games\Starfield\

If you’ve installed it in the correct location, you should a textures and meshes folder inside the data folder, like so:

My Games\Starfield\Data\meshes
My Games\Starfield\Data\textures



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