Mass Effect – N7 Armor V5.0

Mass Effect - N7 Armor V2.0

Adds the ‘N7 Armor’ from the series ‘Mass Effect’ as a standalone spawnable spacesuit with both the Female and Male armor variants.
The armor can be crafted without any required skills or materials at any Industrial Workbench.

(Female/Male, Standalone)

Standalone – Does NOT replace any existing spacesuit, can be spawned in through console commands
Female/Male – Separate models for both sexes with corresponding jetpack FXs and weapon holster points
Craftable – The armor can be crafted without any required skills or materials at any Industrial Workbench

Once installed choose from one of the two next section’s instructions for a method to obtain the armor in-game.

Head over to any Industrial Workbench in the game and simply open to find the Helmet, Armor, and Jetpack in the list of craftable items. These items will not cost any materials, do not require any prior skills, and do not craft with any perks/mods of their own.

Console Commands
For the tech-savy only familiar with load orders:

To access the console in-game simply press the ~ (tilda) key, then using any of the below IDs paired with command “player.additem 1″. Based on your load order the below IDs’ first two or more digits will be different, you can attempt to find your ID in a list using commands similiar to below:

help Spacesuit_AK-N7 4 armo
help Spacesuit_AK-N7
help Spacesuit
help AK-N7

Legendary Rarity IDs:
Fullset: 03000823

Normal Rarity (Highest Quality) IDs:
Fullset: 03000822
Helmet: 03000825
Spacesuit: 0300081C
Backpack: 03000816

Normal Rarity (Any Quality) IDs:
Fullset: 03000821
Helmet: 03000824
Spacesuit: 0300081B
Backpack: 03000815

Extract the archive’s contents into your “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder.
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


If want to load multiple ESMs then you need to add another line under sTestFile1= and name it sTestFile2= and then the name of your second ESM.
You can have up to 10 plugins with this method.

Alternative Methods:
Plugins.txt Enabler
Baka Disable My Games Folder



Download mod

File File size
zip Mass Effect - N7 Armor 5.0 449 MB
zip Mass Effect - N7 Armor-3-0 603 MB
zip Mass Effect - N7 Armor-2-0 296 MB
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