Naked Neon dancers V0.4

Naked Neon dancers V0.4

This is a .esm mod that removes the neon dancer outfit from the astral lounge NPC inventories meaning there’s no longer any miss matched skin tones and seams, this obviously means the old version of this mod needs to be completely uninstalled don’t miss any parts/folders

If you install this mod while on Neon or in the Astral lounge there inventories won’t refresh until you fast travel away and come back later

Add the following line to your StarfieldCustom.ini:


or alternatively install the Plugin.txt method using SFSE

Add the following line to your Plugin.txt:

Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods
NSFW – Naked Starfield Wanderers



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zip Naked Neon dancers-0-4 8 KB
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