Oola Outfit Standalone (Vanilla and VBB) V1.0

Oola Outfit Standalone (Vanilla and VBB) V1.0

This mod installs a standalone Oola’s outfit from Return of the Jedi. There is also an option to replace the Neon Dancers with this outfit and my other SW clothing mod the Huttslayer Outfit

Installation Instructions

To install, run the FOMOD installer and choose the body type you are using. Morphs for all body meshes are included.

All the texutres are packaged into a ba2 file. So if you use vortex, you may need to add them to something?

It includes the fishnet body suit, sandals, collar, leg straps and Twilek Lekku. All the items are equippable separately or as one clothing piece of clothing.

Below are the formids to spawn via console. Replace XX with the mod index in your load order. Or type help oola 4 in the console.

The Full Outfit and Lekku are constructible at the industrial workbench

| Item                                | FormID    | Description                       |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola           | XX000800  | Full Outfit no lekku              |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_Bodysuit  | XX000823  | Bodysuit only                     |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_Collar    | XX000825  | Collar only                       |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_Full      | XX00082A  | Complete Outfit                   |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_LegStraps | XX000821  | Legstraps only                    |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_NU        | XX000827  | Outfit with no lekku or underwear |
| Clothes_Jabba_Dancer_Oola_Sandals   | XX000822  | Sandals only                      |
| Clothes_Oola_Head                   | XX000816  | Lekku only                        |

There is a script that adds the full outfit (no lekku) only to vendors and random loot boxes. You should see a notification that the outfit is available in stores now if the script has run successfully.

Neon Dancer Replacer

There is an option to replace the Neon Dancer’s outfits with either just the Oola outfit, or the Oola and Huttslayer outfits. It changes all the dancers to female and changes their appearance. You MUST have the Huttslayer oufit mod installed if you choose the second option, as it installs a new esm with the Huttslayer and Oola esms as a master. If you do not do this, your game will crash or not load!

This does not come with a naked skin, so you will see underwear underneath the outfit if you are using the vanilla skin. The Lekku also uses the naked skin texture, so if you are using any tattoos or underwear that overwrite the naked skin, you will see this in the lekku as well.

If you have to manually add the esms to your plugins.txt file:


NeonEntertainerReplacer.esm must come after HuttslayerOutfit.esm and OolaOutfit.esm! Be sure to enable the NeonEntertainerReplacer.esm if you are using MO2.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler


Mr Fusion

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