RTM’s Chronomark Watch for Space Suits V1.0

RTM's Chronomark Watch for Space Suits V1.0

Recolours the Chronomark (for space suits only) to look a little less plastic and a little more fantastic. Distract enemies with a shiny wrist watch.

Matching Suit
This mod was designed with my RTM’s Mark 1 Spacesuit – Dark in mind. If you like a pinch of gold with your space suit – please check it out.

See pictures for pictures of what it looks like in game. I could describe the pictures, but frankly – I don’t know how.


Compatible with Vortex.

INI File
Before installing, you need to add the following to your StarfieldCustom.ini:


Manual File Installation
1. Download the mod
2. Extract the files
3. Copy the Data folder into your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder



Download mod

File File size
zip RTM - Chronowatch-1-0 752 KB
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