SH SUIT V1.0.2


It is replacing arms and legs with mechanical prosthetics. Optionally, it can replace the Mentis spacesuit and Markone spacesuit. This is optional.
I am not a good painter. So the texture quality is not good. Just my thoughts.

Only for Female (If a man wears it, he looks nude.)

There are two types of outfits: bikini (LG) and one-piece (Samsung).

Clothing can be crafted at a crafting bench. Consumes 1 fiber.

Spacesuit replacement requires prerequisite mode.

Starfield Masks

It includes a custom female body and custom female textures. If you are using another female body mod, it may conflict with this mod. Place this mod below the body mod in the mod manager.



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7z SH Suit-v1-02 401 MB
7z MARK ONE replace-v1-02 3 KB
7z MANTIS replace-v1-02 2 KB
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