TGs Stylized Starborn Armor Pack (Standalone)

TGs Stylized Starborn Armor Pack (Standalone)

FINALLY! This standalone mod adds 4 new stylized armor sets modeled to expand the Starborn armors! Each armor comes with a ton of skins, all sets craftable, modular and can mix and match to make your own custom cool armor set. Also included armor attachments that can be added to vanilla outfits

This mod brings you new armor sets!

I am finally done! This took me a bit to make!
It’s a standalone it adds to your game! Enjoy!

As stated this mod adds 4 new armors, The Bounty Hunter, The Starshogun, The Gunslinger and The Operator.
Each armor should come with about 6 skins or more. I made them as customizable as possible for as many personal combos as I could handle implementing.

“All armors are craft able and can be found at the industrial workbench, I plan on adding them in loot tables later as well as making them a little more expensive to make.”

along with these new armor sets, I’ve included a few new attachments and armor addons:

Adds a ton of visor textures.
Rattan Hat
Shogun Helmet
Plated Hoods
Operators Hat
Operators Skull
Wings (Meant for display / cool look)
Modular Shoulder plates
Modular leg plates
Many many different variations of cape (Standard, Full, poncho, strip, back, front / back, Kama, cape)
Modular Jackets (These cover most armor well – there is two versions that are sized to fix specific armors)
Modular armors (Separated for mix and match freedom)
Display weapons that attach to any spacesuit
Modular Starborn Helmets / visors (Separated for mix and match freedom)

I’ve also made the vanilla Starborn armors craftable and linked them with my custom skins along with the vanilla skins.

This mod also adds a new melee weapon “Yes, you can equip the off-hand katana and duel wield”

“The armor that says “Modular armor” that is missing it’s arms is meant to be missing the arms. Its modular, that means it goes with the jacket that has arms. I did this so you can mix and match skins from the jack and the armor. ”

All of the armors “the main armors” come with a boostpack even though they aren’t listed as having one, therefore you can add a second boostpack to each armor.

Some things will clip, this is unavoidable depending on what you want to mix and match.

“As of now, the game seems to have a problem with loading a super abundant number of skins, this appears to be an engine problem. Some skins may fail to load in the menu screen or in game to fix this all you need to do is equip and unequip or just walk through a door or save and reload your game and the textures should reappear just fine. ”

This mod uses an esm. I will require SFSE


Use vortex:
If Vortex doesn’t work, drag and drop the mesh folder into your Documents/Mygames/Starfield/
Don’t forget to keep everything updated and enable your custom.ini

If the model doesn’t show up in-game, more than likely:
You’ve updated your game or custom folder and it’s changed it’s ability to load mods
Baka whatever updated or any of the other major game-changing experimental mods that rewrite major system functions have updated.
The installation location or method of installation is incorrect.
The mod is missing packed files. “If you open the folder and see that all of the files are there then you can rule this out.”
As these mods are replacer mods and replace the hard files of existing assets, that means the game physically cannot avoid loading these models and textures. These are overrides. Provided they are in the proper location, your inicustom enabler is working properly to enable mods, and the game is loading from the proper location there should not be an issue. If there is check your game’s installation / what you’ve installed and what is listed above. the only other way you wouldn’t see a model or texture is if it was not included in the package entirely.



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