The Crimson Dilemma – Crimson Pirate Concept Art Retexture V1.2.1

The Crimson Dilemma - Crimson Pirate Concept Art Retexture V1.2.1

This mod retextures the Crimson Pirates to be more inspired by the Bethesda Concept art with a more natural texture for an upcoming mod I plan to release that will bring back the original branding of the Crimson Pirates (meaning no more hex skull).

Alongside this, I removed the one kinda lame decal that was on the pirate helmet and instead incorporated the skull logo from the original Crimson Pirate concept art. Is it final? Not yet. I still wanna do more tweaks to come in the near future. Do I know what the heck a normal map is? no, funnily enough.

Although this is my v1, I will be releasing a darker, more natural version in the next coming days.

Before you ask, no—this cannot be released as a skin as of right now because of the lacking Creation Kit. In the future this will be released as a unique variant and incorporated into the Crimson Pirate questline.

BE WARNED THAT ALL CRIMSON PIRATES AT THIS TIME WILL BE USING THIS ARMOR. If you like the red a lot, don’t download this mod until I reincorporate this better.

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ NEW AS OF 1.21a and 1.21b \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Please pick one or the other of these versions. ONLY ONE WILL WORK.

… ONLY ONE WILL WORK. Do not download both of them.

In the future, the first of these files will keep all of the decals on both of these helmets for version a.
Version b will continue to have these helmets without the decal. This will be changed so that it will be it’s own skin variant hopefully when we are able to get Starfield’s Creation Kit. Please bear with me while we patiently wait for that.

To install, place files in your …\Documents\My Games\Starfield directory. Ensure that you have StarfieldCustom.ini with archive invalidation set up.

You can find the base StarfieldCustom.ini file here.



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