TIE Pilot Spacesuit V1.1

TIE Pilot Spacesuit V1.1

Replaces the UC Pilot Spacesuits with a TIE fighter pilot uniform ported from Star Wars Squadrons. part of an ongoing series of mods to replace the UC with the Galactic Empire. This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the UC pilot outfits meshes, textures, or armor records.

Future plans
add alternate colors to the sysdef and vanguard variants.
replace the statue in the Vanguard Orientation Hall
add body morphs

Anything that edits the UC Pilot outfit records and UC related NPC records.

If you download all of my UC replacer mods I highly recommend UC Empire to lighten your load order

Extract the archive into your “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder.
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”

sTestFile1=Tie Pilot.esm

If want to load multiple ESMs then you need to add another line under sTestFile1= and name it sTestFile2= and then the name of your second ESM.
You can have up to 10 plugins with this method.

Alternatively you can use Plugins.txt Enabler If you know what your doing.



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File File size
zip TIE Pilot Suit-1-1 229 MB
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