Topless Engineer Outfit V1.0

Topless Engineer Outfit V1.0

WARNING – due to how restrictive modding is right now, this outfit will only work with skin tone 4, or else the stomach will be a different color from everything else. Also only for female characters.
Otherwise its just a simple mod that removes the tank top nif on the gray engineer outfit and replaces it with the default torso female torso ni

This mod is also complatible with Thepal’s Naked Starfield Wanders mod! And presumably any other underwear retexture mods.

To get the outfit:
Type in “Help Clothes_UtilityOveralls_Mechanic” into the console ( ~ key ) find the color you want and type in the reference number (the 00######
number) into “player.additem <ref id> <amount you want>” , without the <>.

Requires: Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods



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