UC Surplus Stores Expanded – Spacesuits and Uniforms V1.2

UC Surplus Stores Expanded - Spacesuits and Uniforms V1.0

UC Surplus stores now sell UC uniforms and all UC spacesuit variants (Marine, SysDef, UC Sec & Vanguard) at all armour types. Also allows for purchase of Antixeno gear from the Red Devils HQ. Includes esm file options to improve level list compatibility.

Requires SFSE and Plugins.txt Enabler

There is A LOT of very cool UC Gear in the game. Unfortunately, most of it is not easily acquired by the player, requiring very lucky world drops or…murder…to get hold of.

However, the main goal with this mod is to provide a 100% chance to find any set you are looking for, at a variable quality level for balance, and provide optional versions to allow users to choose which vendors are affected, to help with compatibility with other mods that also change vendor level lists.

Mod includes some small fixes to relevant levelled lists, and adds all spacesuit variants and UC uniforms and apparel (that I’m aware of) to:

UC Surplus Cydonia, Mars (Denis)
UC Surplus The Well, New Atlantis (Antonio)

Also makes a small change to the Red Devils HQ vendor on Mars to now stock random levelled Antixeno and Urbanwar gear (but is otherwise the same)

See the Image section for all items that are included, and vendor photos if you are unsure.

Use the All In One main file to include all vendors above, or you can choose individually from the optional files if you prefer.


1: Make sure these lines are in your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


2: Requires SFSE and Plugins.txt Enabler. Follow the instructions and add the below line to your Plugins.txt file:

*UC Surplus Expanded – All In One.esm

3: Download the mod via mod manager (I personally use Vortex), or manually download and extract to your Starfield directory, ensuring the folder structure is: “\Starfield\Data\UC Surplus Expanded – All In One.esm”

Optional: If you are using one or more of the optional files instead, simply add the relevant file names to your Plugins.txt file:

*UC Surplus Expanded – Cydonia.esm
*UC Surplus Expanded – New Atlantis.esm
*UC Surplus Expanded – Red Devils HQ.esm

You do not need the All In One File if you are using any of these options



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