Books Revamped V1.0.6

Books Revamped V1.0.6

The 337 books that Bethesda gave us in Skyrim held stories that made the whole world come alive. It wasn’t just reading; it was like embarking on a mini-adventure within the game. Whether it was uncovering the lore of ancient civilizations or stumbling upon hidden tales of legendary battles, each book added a layer of richness to the gaming experience. At night, I would often rent a room in a tavern somewhere and read a few stories I had I had collected throughout my adventures before sleeping for the night.

Starfield brings a completely different vibe. There are just 53 books if you don’t count the Dragonstar Force series and they feel more like placeholders than immersive elements. The stories lack the depth that made Skyrim’s reading experience so captivating. In Skyrim, books were a key part of the adventure, but in Starfield, they are an afterthought, a missed opportunity to build upon this new world. It left me missing the excitement of uncovering hidden gems and discovering the world through the written word.

Books Revamped takes all those books that just included excerpts or didn’t really add anything meaningful and updates them with actual stories.

– Starfield 1.8.86
– Starfield Community Patch v0.04
– Cora Wants All The Books by VenpiTheGamer
– Paper Books by animandan
– No dependence on SFSE, does not require update when that mod updates

– Preferably use Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex. Install as you would anything else
– Installing mid-game is 100% safe, book text will show up immediately, new books will spawn with any others.
– Uninstall mid-game is 100% safe, book text will revert back to being terrible, new books will (I think) disappear.
– Update mid-game is 100% safe, any changes will appear immediately on game load.

Manual Installation:
– Manually Download the mod.
– Unzip the contents into %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data.
– Download and install Plugins.txt Enabler.
– Create a Plugins.txt file in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Starfield if you don’t have one and add *BooksRevamped.esm to it.
– Go read

Known Issues:
(Investigating, don’t pressure me. Go read a book.)
– If using StarUI, new books don’t get the updated book icon (inventory or HUD)
– Extraordinary Voyage series dataslates spawn horizontally, sometimes underneath other books
– Ahjong Sinclair doesn’t use her voice when you turn in A General History of the Pyrates vol 2



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