Faction Requisition Kiosks V1.0

Faction Requisition Kiosks V1.0

Each kiosk, themed appropriately and found only within the headquarters of its respective faction, functions similarly to any other vendor. They’re stocked with a variety of gear, ranging from aid items to ammo to spacesuits to weapons, and their inventories vary when they restock. Each kiosk offers a unique selection of items appropriate to their faction, curated by me, taking into account the kinds of needs its users would have lore-wise, as well as how thoroughly stocked any vendor should be given the resources available to the respective faction. The kiosks don’t have any credits and cannot be sold to.

All items for sale scale with the player and get better as your level increases.

Made with convenience in mind, but designed around being able to fully roleplay as a member of each faction.

If you have any suggestions for how I should change the kiosk inventories, or what I should add, please leave feedback!! Leveled lists are kind of wack to me and I feel like there’s a lot of room for optimization in the ones I’ve made here.

Constellation Requisitions
Unlocked after completing “One Small Step”
Found in the basement of the Lodge to the right of the mission board, Constellation’s requisition kiosk offers a short list of exploration basics. It supplies, at random:

0-2 Eon pistols
0-2 Equinox rifles
0-51 7.77mm caseless rounds
0-95 3kV laser cartridges
1-3 Digipicks
0-4 Constellation space helmets
0-4 Constellation boost packs
0-2 Constellation spacesuits
0-5 assorted aid items

UC Vanguard Requisitions
Unlocked after completing “Grunt Work”
Found near the Vanguard application terminals in the Vanguard orientation hall inside MAST, the Vanguard’s requisition kiosk offers a limited supply of gear aimed at new Vanguard pilots. It supplies, at random:

A moderate allotment of most ammo types
0-17 assorted aid items
0-3 space undersuits
0-6 utility flightsuits
0-6 UC Navy space helmets
0-4 UC Navy boost packs
0-5 UC Navy spacesuits

UC SysDef Requisitions
Unlocked after completing “Legacy’s End” on the side of the UC
Found in the operations center of the UC Vigilance to the right of the mission board, SysDef’s requisition kiosk offers a generous supply of high-end gear. It supplies, at random:

A generous allotment of any ammo type
0-6 security flightsuits
0-6 SysDef crew uniforms
0-3 SysDef crew hats
0-1 SysDef formal uniforms
2-24 assorted aid items
0-4 of any SysDef space helmet, boost pack, or spacesuit
0-2 of any SysDef Combat space helmet, boost pack, or spacesuit
0-2 of any SysDef Assault space helmet, boost pack, or spacesuit
0-3 of any ranged Allied Armaments weapons

Freestar Rangers Requisitions
Unlocked after completing “Deputized”
Found inside the Rock to the right of the mission board, the Freestar Rangers’ requisition kiosk offers a very limited supply of only the bare essentials a Ranger would need. It supplies, at random:

A moderate allotment of assorted Laredo Firearms ammo
0-2 of any ranged Laredo Firearms weapons
0-3 Ranger Deputy uniforms
0-4 Ranger Deputy hats
0-2 Ranger Duelwear outfits (unlocked after completing “The Hammer Falls”)
0-2 Ranger space helmets
0-2 Ranger boost packs
0-2 ranger spacesuits
0-4 assorted basic aid items

Other Factions
I haven’t made kiosks for the Crimson Fleet, Ryujin, or the TMD for a few reasons. It’s not out of the question for future implementation if that’s something people ask for, but I didn’t think it would fit as-is. In my eyes, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t need a kiosk primarily because of their everyone-for-themselves attitude. They wouldn’t necessarily be inclined to organize their stock as an entire organization, but rather leave each pirate to the dog-eat-dog commercial environment that already exists among the individual vendors on the Key. Similarly, I don’t think Ryujin would have a kiosk because ultimately their operatives are merely disposable assets, and their employer-employee relationship doesn’t warrant a curated, extended supply of work gear. Not to mention that there are plenty of shops inside Ryujin tower and around Neon that the megacorp already profits from, so why shouldn’t they intend to profit off of their employees to an even greater extent. Finally, the TMD headquarters already has a requisition officer.

Please install using a mod manager. I use and recommend Mod Organizer 2.
You can, of course, install this mod manually if that’s your preference and you know how.
Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler

The only vanilla records overwritten by this mod are the cells in which I’ve placed each kiosk. As far as I can tell, since adding objects to cells only affects the list of child records of a given cell, this shouldn’t be problematic. Everything else uses new records and won’t cause any conflicts.

Known Issues
Currently, the screens on the requisition kiosks stay on all the time, unlike their mission board counterparts which only light up as you approach. I’m not sure what exactly is causing this, but my hunch is that it’s an xEdit limitation that prevents me from transferring the proper reflection data from the vanilla terminals to my own. It’s only a cosmetic issue, but it bothers me and I’ll fix it once I know how.



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