ISC – Immersive Starfield Contraband V1.00a

ISC - Immersive Starfield Contraband V1.00a

Adds new contraband types each NG+ as well as a few other changes to contraband. Compatible with everything.

Isn’t it awesome to live in a universe where only 7 things are illegal? Actually, in infinite universes there are still only 7 illegal items. While an anthropologists may be intrigued, I find it tedious and repetitive.

This mod adds 43 new illegal contraband items to the game. When installed and at the start of each NG+ up to 8 of these new contraband items will be added to the contrabands leveled list for that playthrough. The end result being that each universe will have a unique collection of items that the inhabitants deemed illegal.
There is a replacer esm to unlock them all in every universe.

The new contraband will spawn almost anywhere the vanilla contraband can, enemy ships and bases are a good source.
Each new item has several possible costs they can spawn with, as not every crate holds the exact same thing.
Each new item has a unique appearance, with a few recycled models.
Each new item now has a description of the item, with a small background or reason for its illegality.
For the sake of compatibility, the vanilla items do not have priced variations and will still be in every universe.

The only records edited are the Contraband items to add the description meaning a non-essential edit. Load the mod early to allow other mods to overwrite.
Leveled list edits are handled through scripts and offer no conflict.

1. Use mod manager to install normally or manually extract the plugin to your mod directory
2. Add “*MoreContraband.esm” to your plugin.txt

Plugin.txt Enabler



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