Plugins Txt Manager V1.3

Plugins Txt Manager V1.2

A small portable program that automates activation, deactivation, and sorting of esm’s and esp’s for Starfield

For Vortex users:
Click on “Dashboard” on the top left
Go to the “Tools” section and click the large “+” and hit “New…”
You can name it whatever you want. I went with “Plugins.txt Manager”
Click the folder icon next to the “Target” field and select this mods .exe

To use:
Start the program, on first startup it will open a window asking for the Starfield / Data directory where your ESM’s live
Use the checkboxes to enable / disable the plugins you want, then hit save

To Sort:
Select the esm to sort, then click the +/- buttons to the side and hit save

Requires the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 (Will prompt to install if missing)



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zip Plugin Manager-1-3 213 KB
zip Plugin Manager-1-2 68 KB
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