Real Time Form Patcher (SFSE) V1.20

Real Time Form Patcher (SFSE) V1.05

Real-time Form Patcher(RTFP) allows modifying game forms(NPC,Leveled lists, Form lists, Projectiles,Ammo, etc..) without of .esm or .esp files.

-Easy, very user-friendly syntax.
-Supports your .esp\.esm added by Plugins.txt Enabler (sTestFile method probably works as well).
-Specify form either by it’s formID or EditorID(not available for all forms, po3 tweaks fixes that – Please refer to FAQ section below).
-Specify mathematical operations on values if required(Add,Subtract,Divide,Multiply).
-Custom filters which can be easily built and used in your config file.
-Supports modifying GameSettings without disabling achievements for the end user! You can also use mathematical operations on them.
-Very fast file processing using modern C++ features.

For users:
Mod does nothing on it’s own – it’s a framework.
You should put a config file to “Data\SFSE\Plugins\RealTimeFormPatcher” folder (but mod authors usually package it for you so you don’t have to do anything).

For modders:

RTFP allows you to modify either:
-Particular form(Specified by form ID or Editor ID);
-Multiple forms;
-All forms of particular type with optional filters;
-Game Settings

Example 1:


This line will set value of global variable named SocialSkill_Duration to 40.



This line will set speed of all projectiles to their values multiplied by 1.2.

Example 3:


This line will set gravity to 1000 to projectiles in Ammo45Caliber and Ammo50Caliber in Starfield.esm and Ammunition in MyPlugin.esp with formID of “801”

Example 4:

sAutoLockPickNoPicks|”No digapicks in your inventory.”

This line will set FaceFXMouthAdjust and fFaceFXSpeechBlendInTime GameSettings to value of 3.5 and sCannotUseQuantumEssenceWhilePilotingShip to “Test”. Also it will replace “No digipicks.” text with “No digapicks in your inventory.”
NOTE:Modifying Game settings does NOT use console commands therefore it will NOT disable achievements.



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