SFSE ASI Loader V1.0.4

SFSE ASI Loader V1.0

This is a simple SFSE plugin which ports the ASI loader from ThirteenAG/Ultimate-ASI-Loader.

An ASI plugin is similar to an SFSE plugin, however they are designed to work with the XBOX Gamepass version as well. It’s unknown how popular ASI plugins will be in the long term.

ASI plugins can be loaded from:

This SFSE version contains a few benefits over the Ultimate ASI Loader:

Fully logs the entire loading process to help you diagnose issues with ASI plugins.

Can install this loader through your mod manager normally.
Can install ASI plugins through your mod manager normally.
No additional points of failure than what is strictly required.
Maintained by the Starfield community.

If you have the Ultimate ASI loader installed by accident, do not worry. Both loaders are designed to be compatible with each-other.
Do not install winmm.dll (Ultimate ASI Loader) if using Starfield Frame Generation or Starfield FSR2 Bridge.
You can check what was loaded by opening SFSEASILoader.log
Note: Not fully tested until the game has released.

Steam version of the game.
Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)



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