The Dusty Cydonian Face V1.0

The Dusty Cydonian Face V1.0

Adds a custom landmark quest book that leads you to the Face of Mars and its snow globe, which were not previously attached to any quest.

Does what it says on the tin. I wanted a sort of roleplay-friendly way to go looking for the Cydonia snow globe, so I added a landmark book similar to the vanilla ones. The contents of the book, which I won’t spoil here, were taken from the Elder Scrolls and adapted to better fit Starfield’s setting. The book can be found on top of a nightstand in the Deimos Miner Quarters in Cydonia.

Book Contents (Spoilers)
It’s just the lusty argonian maid. I wanted an excuse to put the lusty argonian maid in starfield. get it? lusty argonian maid -> dusty cydonian face. it popped into my head and i couldnt let it go. i thought it’d be funny. i know it’s stupid. whatever. and now that i’m writing this i realize i should have released this on april fools’ day. damn

Please install using a mod manager. I use and recommend Mod Organizer 2.
You can, of course, install this mod manually or with Vortex if either of those are your preference and you know how to.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler

Author’s Notes
Well I’m not so new to creating mods by this point, but I’d still love to hear your comments, feedback, and advice!
If you need assistance, I can try to help despite my developing understanding of modding.
I have so many ideas for Starfield and am super excited to learn how to make them all! 😀



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