Undress Anyone – (Undress Bat Script For Player and NPCs) V1.0

Undress Anyone - (Undress Bat Script For Player and NPCs) V1.0

Utility batch script which will undress the target and show their inventory

1. Shows and print Inventory Information into the Console (this can be used to remember to see what items the target worn before)
2. Unequip anything from the target NPC/Player (even items you cant unequip from the regular inventory view)
3. Displays an Infomation that reminds that you can scroll up to view the prevouis state of the inventory. (ignore the command not found information that is intended)

Things to note:
– Using this will disable Your achievement (use an achievement enabler mod to avoid this)
– this is not capable of restoring the pervouis state before unequipping so Save before
– to reequip items target the NPC/Player and use “equipitem ID”

1. Unpack zipfile
2. place “unequip” into your Starfield folder (where starfield.exe is located)
3. go ingame and open the console using (~) and click on the target NPC or the Player (an text saying NPC_………. should appere in the middle)
4. type “bat unequip” and press enter



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7z Undress Anyone-1-0 219 B
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