Constructible Outpost Faction Guards V1.1

Constructible Outpost Faction Guards V1.1

This mod allows you to construct guards from various factions (also robots) to guard your outposts. You do not need to belong to the respective faction to use these, as all guards belong to the player ally and outpost ally faction. They will patrol and defend your outpost from attacks. Guards cost only credits. All guards are level scaled to your character. No more useless low level defense bots that die in one shot.

All from the following factions:
– United Colonies Marines
– Crimson Fleet
– Ecliptic
– First Cavalry Mercenaries
– Spacers
– House Va’ruun
– United Colonies SysDef
– Robots (bonus)
– Freestar Security
– United Colonies Security
– LIST Colonist Homesteader
– United Colonies Vanguard
– Tamed Terrormorph’s (bonus)

Installation is simple enough, place your .esm in your Starfield data dir and use either Plugins Enabler -or-..

Adding these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini:





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