LGBTQ Pride Flags Outpost Decor V1.1

LGBTQ Pride Flags Outpost Decor

Adds 17 different wall-hanging LGBTQ+ pride flags to the decoration menu.

My first pride themed mod this month is pride flags for your outposts, homes, and ships! This mod adds 17 individual pride flag wall decor items to the outpost/player home/ship interior builder. Each pride flag is unlocked by default and requires 1 Structural and 1 Pigment to craft. They appear in the decoration interface as different variations of a single list entry, underneath posters and above signs.

The pride flags included in this mod are the:
Traditional six-striped rainbow pride flag
Gilbert Baker’s original 1978 eight-striped rainbow pride flag
Lesbian pride flag
Gay pride flag
Bisexual pride flag
Transgender pride flag
Nonbinary pride flag
Genderqueer pride flag
Genderfluid pride flag
Agender pride flag
Intersex pride flag
Pansexual pride flag
Demisexual pride flag
Demiromantic pride flag
Asexual pride flag
Aromantic pride flag
Aromantic Asexual pride flag

If I missed a certain pride flag you’d like me to add, please just post it in the comments!

Please install using a mod manager. I personally use (and highly recommend) Mod Organizer 2.
You can, of course, install this mod manually or with Vortex if either are your preference and you know how.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler

All outpost constructible object entries must have a unique [SNAM] menu sort order value. The value this mod uses is 0.201506.



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