Lived-In Outposts V1.0

Lived-In Outposts V1.0

Adds several shelves, tables, bookcases with clutter for a more lived-in look. All objects are static so won’t go flying all over the place.

Shelves – Adds 17 shelves all with clutter.
Baskets – 3 woven baskets.
Bulletin Boards and Paintings – 3 bulletin boards and 1 painting (more to come!).
Lights – 21 new light fixtures.
Place Settings – 6 place settings.
Desks – 2 antique desks with clutter.
Bookcases – 10 Bookcases. Some actually have… BOOKS! And some with other things too.
Tables – 7 small tables with coffee and/or clutter and 3 dining tables with place settings.
Misc – 4 ceiling racks (2 without anything and 2 with hanging flowers and herbs).
More Plants – 12 new potted plants and 2 hanging plants.

This mod will focus on decor and clutter in the Outpost Furniture and Decorations menus. I won’t be adding any build kits or anything like that. I believe there are already mods out there that do that.

See A Cluttered Desk, Shelf, etc. That You Like In-Game? If so, just let me know the refID of any of the items (console, click on something and give me the ID in parenthesis). Make sure the refID starts with 00 and NOT FF. Just click on different items until you find one that starts with 00 (FF are dynamically placed so they don’t help me). The refID lets me know where in the galaxy it is located and gives me an easy way to get there. Then snap a screenshot so I know exactly what you are looking at. With that info I can see about adding it to the build menu. No promises, but it’s not difficult to take existing groups of items and add them. It’s much more difficult to create new clutter (like the place settings) since CK hasn’t been released yet.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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