Lower Landing Pad V1.0

Lower Landing Pad V1.0

Simple mod that lowers the default height of the landing pad with shipbuilder to much closer to the ground, and allows its height to be controlled.

Is your poor characters back aching from going up all those stairs? Tired of trying to boostpack over to the top of your landing pad and falling just short? Put away your pain pills and give this mod a try.

Lowers the height of the landing pad and adds the properties to make it’s height controllable as it is with habs.
Also went ahead and increased the maximum height of the pad, if you are a masochist and want even more stairs to climb.

Optional Version adds all the ship part keywords to the landing pad, unlocking any ship parts currently available to the player at each staryard.

1. Select the version you wish to use.
2. Use mod manager to install normally or manually extract the plugin to your mod directory
3. Add “*LowLandingPad.esm” without quotes to your plugins.txt

Plugins.txt Enabler

This feature included in my OUT+ mod, so not necessary if using that.
Should be compatible with most mods, I don’t see why anyone would need to edit the landing pad pack-in.



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