Outpost Cleaner V0.1

Outpost Cleaner V0.1

Remove Rocks, Trees and Bushes from your Outpost or your Killzone

Tired of moving around your Outpost and seeing trees coming through your buildings? Or the enemies using rocks to snipe at your meat shields?

With the Cleaning Axe of Neatness you can remove those rocks and trees!

This mod gives you a new Axe, which can remove those objects from your Outpost.

It also comes with a Settings disc which you can use to change a few things:
Disable the Limitation to have the Axe only working under your Outpost build area (It won’t work in interiors or non planet cells though)
Change the range for the Outpost Beacon detection (in case you expanded your area)
Manually search for the Beacon
Change your melee range (In case you want to cheat a bit)
Change the Harvest range (feature coming soon)
Disable / Enable the Mod (if you don’t want the mod to check for Location changes anymore)

Currently the mod only disables the objects, cause when I tried deleting them I got some errors.



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