Outpost Trader V3.1

Outpost Kiosks - Buildable Vendor V1.5

What does this do?
Sign a contract with Trade Authority and setup vendor kiosks in your outposts. The contract is obtained at the research terminal for 150,000 credits, and requires Commerce 4 and Outpost Management 4. You can then build 1 kiosk per outpost for 25,000 credits each. The kiosks have virtually unlimited credits but will not trade in stolen items or contraband.

There is also a cheat version you can download which has no skill requirements and much lower costs.

In the future I plan to make the kiosk pay less than other vendors as a penalty for the convenience.

Extract in the usual way to the Data folder in your install path.

Then go to: \Documents\My Games\Starfield\

Open or create: StarfieldCustom.ini

And add the following lines:



Change the TestFile # to one that is not in use (1-10).



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