Outposts Objects Overlap V1.0

Outposts Objects Overlap V1.0

Place outpost objects with freedom, allowing for overlapping.

Let you place objects where you really want them to be, without binding collisions.

Simply put the .txt files in the game root folder.

Steam: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield
Game Pass: ..\XboxGames\Starfield\Content

Nothing more simple, press the console key (“~” on default QWERTY) and type the following command:bat outpostOverlap
Note that you only have to run it once.

To disable the mod, type:bat outpostOverlapReset

Sometimes, the game still won’t let you place objects; it is a bit capricious but works perfectly for most positions. It might not work on landing pads for example.
I did not test if this kills NPCs’ pathfinding. (If you look at the first image, yes it does)
It does not overwrite snapping.`
Turrets placement seems to work differently; you may want to disable the mod to place your turrets.



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zip Outpost Objects Overlap-1-0 585 B
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