TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse

TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse

Land on any world and build your own empire! I am back, with a new DLC-sized mod! Build Giant Mechs! Brand new buildings, Turrets, a farming system, and much much more!

It’s here!! My first DLC-sized mod is finished and ready for all of you to enjoy! This was quite the undertaking but I am so happy to finally hand it off to this beautiful community. Hoping this will breathe some life into the game before the first DLC.

This mod is a continuation of my building/player homes mod!
This mod also combines some of my prior mods into a whole new system for consolidation and immersion.

This mod is still in development and this is literally just the beginning I have a hell of a lot more I’d like to do and only posted this to get it out there.

Build that picture-perfect colony! not just an outpost, make a big defense system! Build massive mechs, set up an industrial agriculture complex and much much more!

Important info:

“Disclaimer: sure, I could’ve added all these into a whole new category system, but I felt there’s already so much overlap and I’m not going to look into every mod on Nexus to figure that out, I’ve just simply included my items into the vanilla outpost system to make things less broken and less complicated, “this only refers to my buildings and stuff included in the outpost build menu.”

Additional instructions:

Disclaimer: “While I did have this mod tested, it wasn’t as heavily tested as I’d like and there’s bound to be something somewhere. This game is super inconsistent when it comes to operation and function and there are 1000s of mods already out there. understand modding is also not fully and officially supported please save your game often and keep this in mind. Side note: Myself and the people I’ve managed to poke with a fork to test this out have not experienced much in terms of issues.”

Please note: there are two game bugs when placing NPCs, sometimes the game won’t agree with a particular NPc and it will refuse to allow you to build any more, just delete the problem npc and it will fix this issue and it will allow you to post that npc again.
This same bug also happens when wild animals wander in your outpostIf your outpost is too high or too low.
If your near a major settlement.
If you’re on a particular planet.

When placing the turret stand towers: they will not be visible and will be underground, “this is intentional.” Don’t worry, they will place just fine, simply raise the tower to the height you’d prefer.

When placing Area Effect lighting:
Area effect lighting will light an entire area, to increase the light radius just raise or lower the light from the ground. the higher up the light goes the more the surface area is illuminated.

Placement of the fortress wall:
The whole stronghold/fort wall. The wall has to be placed in a blank outpost, “for some people.” I have no problem placing it wherever I want, others have issues. For the best experience place this wall at a blank outpost.

The mango trees: For me, I can only place the mango trees in first-person view and not top-down. This may be different for other people.

The colony highrise:
This massive building is massive and lighting it caused a hell of a lot of lag. To reduce the lag I decided not to light the entire building and just left it to you the player to light the building instead. Lighting the entire building will be easy, just place the area effect lighting on the roof a few times and it will light the entire building with one light.

Other Notes:
For some buildings, for some people, spawn underground. It’s very inconsistent but it works and all you need to do is just raise the build out from under the ground.

The ore smelters require ore to operate:

Do this / After watching that video you’ll need (Plugins-Enabler). go here and read the description and do exactly what it says there and you should be fine.

Installation Guide

If you installed the mod and do not see the mod in the workbench you did not install this mod properly, please do not post in my comments about it, please look up a tutorial on how to install mods with ESM files. I am tired of responding to this several times a day.



Final disclaimer: “I found some of the fruits and veggies on various free 3D model sites and did my best due diligence to credit the proper authors, please keep in mind, that credit is important and I take that seriously! With that being said, in the online world, a lot of files, models, and many other things get passed around uploaded, and downloaded to many places, and sometimes, due diligence isn’t quite enough. “If you see something of yours in use, 100% message me and do not freak out and let me know that it is being used so I can properly credit you. It’s as easy as starting a conversation.



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